Gaji Gubernur BI Rp199,34 Juta Pada 2013

Gaji Gubernur BI Rp199,34 Juta Pada 2013 - Finance and Banking Commission (Commission XI) House of Representatives agreed to raise salaries of employees of Bank Indonesia (BI) started in January 2013. Commission XI and BI is discussing requirements raise the BI Board of Governors.

Vice Chairman of Commission XI Andi says Timo Pangerang to budget wages and other income for the BI board of governors and officials refer to the agreement 27 November 2012 meeting of the Committee. The agreement says the cost of living (cost of living) that apply to the board of governors and the actual value of BI employees at the rate of inflation based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) per December 31, 2012.

"As for the performance award with a target of an average of 6 percent can be given to the Deputy Governor. While the increase is 0-8 percent for employees in accordance with the assessment of its performance," said Andi at the Parliament Building, Jakarta, Monday, December 11, 2012.

In the list held by the House of Representatives, based on the basic salary maximum salary scale after an increase was recorded for the central bank governor will get a base salary of Rp199, 34 million. Senior Deputy Governor for their base salaries of Rp169, 44 million, deputy governor of Rp123, 10 million, and assistant governors Rp99, 67 million.

As for Executive Director / Senior Director will receive a base salary Rp83, 06 million. Directors receive a base salary Level Rp57, 68 million, deputy director of Rp49, 36 million, base salaries manager Rp26, 18 million. Meanwhile, assistant manager base salaries Rp17, 72 million, staff Rp12, 72 million and assistant managing Rp6, 15 million.

Not only get a raise, these officials also receive benefits including functional allowance, incentive allowance, allowance allowance, annual leave allowance and overtime allowances.

BI BI itself budgeted operating expenditures in 2013 reached Rp 5, 5 trillion. Of these expenses, the largest expenditure for salaries and other income reached Rp2, 326 trillion.

Heading the other is the development and maintenance of HR require funds amounting to Rp1, 555 trillion, while the logistics for BI in 2013 reached Rp 594 billion. Expenditures for the delivery of operational support activities at Rp321 billion recorded in 2013.

BI for social programs and real sector amounted to Rp126 billion budgeted. Spending on tax and is predicted to reach Rp492 billion last backup is heading for a budget of Rp135 billion.

Meanwhile, the budget for operational BI revenues of Rp16, 745 billion. This figure is also well established as the minimum revenue realization of operational BI 2013. The details of operating revenues for the budget, there are three headings, namely the acceptance of the results of the management of foreign currency assets amounted to Rp16, 552 trillion, claims former Bank Indonesia Liquidity Credit worth Rp35 billion and revenue administration amounted to Rp158 billion.